Posted on: March 29, 2008 9:06 pm

The Corso Crapper

I know full well that just about every sports fan in the world thinks that the "media" doesn't give their team enough respect.  Well, count me in with that crowd, but with one major difference:  I'M ACTUALLY RIGHT.  If I didn't think I was right, wouldn't be much point in blogging now would there.

My long researched, thoroughly documented, and totally unbiased opinion is that Georgia rarely gets much love from the media.  (Though this off-season is definitely an exception).  That other sports station / website that shall remain nameless but who's initials are ESPN seems to be the worst culprit.  Lou "Spittin" Holtz picks UGA to loose just about every week.  Mark May also finds a way to make a completely ridiculous upset prediction about the Dawgs every year - while never actually being right.

But the absolute worst of the worst is the guy who gets my vote for most annoying sports broadcasting figure in the universe:  Lee Corso.  Having watched Corso pick against the Dawgs on numerous occasions, and then never have the, uh, testicular aptitude to man up and admit his mistakes, I decided to investigate.

The result:  CorsoCrapper.blogspot.com

Dedicated to demonstrating the prognosticating incompetence of a guy who, while being mildly entertaining, nonetheless proves the old axiom: if you aren't good enough to play or smart enough to coach: try announcing.

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Posted on: March 29, 2008 8:52 pm

In honor of UGA (the dog)

So these 2 rednecks are tailgating before a Georgia game and they see a crowd of folks nearby. They walk over to see what's going on and there in the middle of the crowd is the Georgia mascot, UGA VI.  UGA is sitting on the ground with one leg hiked up in the air and he's licking his testicular region.

One of the fella's says, "Doggone wish i could do that."

The other fella says, "Hell no you don't.  He'd bite your nose off."



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